Swimming in Gore Region

Gore Region offers plenty of year-round outdoor recreation, but there’s a finite window for enjoying a dip in one of the area’s naturally-occurring swimming spots each year. Luckily, we’re in the heart of summertime in the North Country. Hot, humid August days are perfect for exploring the numerous swimming holes, waterfalls, lakes, and riverbeds located in the Town of Johnsburg. We’re highlighting a few prime places for diving in and cooling off, all while surrounded by the beauty of the Adirondacks:

The Black Hole on Mill Creek

One of the better-known swimming holes in Gore Region, the Black Hole on Mill Creek is found near the hamlet of Wevertown. The Black Hole is a deep, naturally formed pool, situated just below a cascading waterfall known as Dunkley Falls. The cliffs on the pool’s periphery, some as high as twenty feet, give daring swimmers the chance to show off their backflip or cannonball before making a splash into the water below. There are shallow areas for wading and ample space for swimming and jumping – it’s no wonder the Black Hole is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Square Falls

Located along the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, one of the largest expanses of wilderness within the Adirondack Park, Square Falls is a waterfall outside the hamlet of Bakers Mills. Accessible via a mile-long walking trail that’s unmarked but easy to follow, it boasts a plateau-like ledge at its top, and a pool perfect for swimming at its base. Go for a swim while watching the falls flow from above.

Garnet Lake

Garnet Lake is a beautiful body of water in a quiet, secluded spot near Mill Creek in Johnsburg. It features a naturally occurring waterfall which was enhanced using a concrete culvert. The lakefront around Garnet Lake is only partially developed, dotted with primitive campsites. Garnet Lake is a classic, pristine Adirondack lake, ideal for swimming and kayaking.

The Hudson River

The Hudson River runs through Johnsburg and is a common destination for tubing, whitewater rafting, and swimming. On a hot afternoon, there’s nothing better than tubing down the river from North River to North Creek, with pit stops for a refreshing swim, or to relax along the shoreline.

It’s Time to Jump into Summer!

Now that we’ve introduced you to just a few great places to get your feet wet and splash around in the Town of Johnsburg, it’s time to grab your swimsuits, water shoes, and towels. Fall will be here in a blink, and you don’t want to wait until next year to enjoy everything summer in the Adirondacks has to offer!