Back to School in the Gore Region

It’s that time of year again! The lazy days of summer vacation have given way to the anticipation of a brand new school year. In Gore Region, that means the doors of Johnsburg Central School have opened, welcoming back the over 330 students enrolled in its school district.

Johnsburg Central School District encompasses the Town of Johnsburg and its seven hamlets in the northeast corner of Warren County, New York. The district covers 200 square miles in the Adirondack region, which is home to a year-round population of approximately 2,500 residents. The school is located in the village of North Creek and provides high-quality education to students in grades K-12.

One exciting development for Johnsburg Central School students this school year is the merger of Johnsburg athletic programs with those of Minerva Central School, a neighboring district. A new logo, mascot, and name for the joint sports teams were unveiled at a community pep rally held in late August. Gore Region residents are looking forward to cheering on the newly-formed Johnsburg-Minerva teams.

We thought this would be the perfect time to ask some local experts – Johnsburg Central School students – to share what else they’re looking forward to in the 2019-2020 school year:

Finnegan Morris, 2nd grade:

Getting to use the chrome books in class.

Finnegan Morris

Reagan Slater, 5th grade:

Having a separate science class and having all my classmates in one classroom.

Jennie Allen, Junior:

I’m looking forward to the new sports teams, my new teammates and seeing how far we’ll go.

Hayley Smith, 1st Grade:

I am excited to make new friends.

Reagan Morris, 5th Grade:

I’m most excited about learning to play an instrument in band.

Reagan Morris

Shae Riedinger, Senior:

I am most excited about being a senior this new school year because of all the new privileges I will have. Like early dismissal and senior parking! I am also looking forward to the soccer season and being a part of a dedicated team.

Nicholas Sauer-Jones, 5th grade:

Being with my friends, recess, and lunch.

Ryan Morris, Junior:

I’m looking ahead to the baseball season and having a solid team in the spring.

Aaden Sauer-Jones, 3rd grade:

Playing gym and sports with my friends.

Hannah Sauer-Jones, 1st grade:

Using my pencil case and reading the books that have stuffed animals because when you finish the book you get to take the stuffed animal home for the night!

Gage Morris, Sophomore:

I’m looking forward to taking Forensic Science with Mrs. Fink.

Gage Morris

We owe a big thank you to all of the kids who were willing to share with us what they’re most excited about as they head back to school, and we wish all students, teachers, and parents in the Johnsburg Central School District a fantastic 2019-2020 school year!