What We’re Thankful for in Gore Region

What are we thankful for in Gore Region? The beauty of the Adirondack Mountains, a close-knit community, loving families and friends, a rich history, lots of opportunities to enjoy fun in the outdoors, a great school system …

There’s plenty to be thankful for!

Mums and pumpkin at Barton Garnet Mine Tours
Mums and pumpkin at Barton Garnet Mine Tours

In honor of Thanksgiving, and to kick off the winter holiday season with a burst of gratitude, we asked students from Johnsburg Central School to share what they’re most thankful for. Their answers warmed our hearts with their thoughtfulness, and we’re sure they’ll spark your appreciation for all of the positive things in your life, too!

Johnsburg Central School students are thankful for …

1st Grade

My mom, dad, my family, and my teacher. – Juliet Beaudrot

My grandma and my teachers. – Ryan Bacon

2nd Grade

Friends and family because they care for me and are awesome. – Charlie Campbell

America because that is where we live.– Ava Pesquera

Mrs. McKenna because she is nice! – Logen May

My Nana and my family. She loves me and takes care of me. – Dom Donohue

My friends, family, my home, and my school because school teaches me lessons, my family is nice to me, and my friends don’t make me feel lonely. – Harleigh Donohue

3rd Grade

Having Amasia as a best friend. -Tailyn Millington

My little brother, Sawyer. – Huck Knickerbocker

My family. – Charlotte Morehouse

Mrs. Turcotte and Mrs. McKenna. – Logan Bennett

Family and friends. – Aaden Sauer-Jones

My house and food. – Katherine Moro

6th Grade

My family and the way I am treated. – Alene Tabano

My family is still doing old traditions though my grandmother is not with us anymore, we honor her by doing them. – Hannah Sharp

Getting my AR points for the quarter. – Memphis Facey

My brothers and sisters that love me and my mom and dad. – Jordan Fusco

My older brother. He has always been there for me and I love him. – Gabi Spieler

Family and what they do for me. – Chase Denno

School because I can learn new things. – Ember Monroe

My mom and her being there for me. – Trista Ellifritz

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you have as many blessings to be grateful for as our friends at Johnsburg Central School, and we wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!