Interview with Our Town Theatre Group

The arts are very much alive in the Gore Region! The Town of Johnsburg’s passion for performing was evident when we spoke to Dennis Wilson, the president of Our Town Theatre Group, a community theatre that performs out of the Lyle Auditorium in Tannery Pond Community Center.

Visit Gore Region: Dennis, can you tell a bit about the history of Our Town Theatre Group?

Dennis Wilson: The Our Town Theatre Group (OTTG) began informally in 1996 with a series of film discussions led by the late Mr. Lyle Dye who had recently retired to North Creek after a long career producing and directing plays and films in New York and Los Angeles. He had also been a professor of theatre at several universities. Theatre enthusiasts in the area quickly formed an amateur group, OTTG, under Mr. Dye’s direction. OTTG’s purpose as stated in its bylaws is “to promote the arts in the town of Johnsburg, New York, and surrounding communities and provide theater and other appropriate performances and similar events and activities for their benefit.”

Photo courtesy of Our Town Theatre Group

VGR: That’s a wonderful mission! What are your upcoming productions?

DW: OTTG produces two main stage plays per year; one in early spring and one in the fall, and a children’s theatre workshop during the summer. For summer, 2020, an adult acting workshop is being considered. Currently, The Odd Couple (Female Version) is in rehearsal for a March 20, 21 and 22 production. Recent OTTG productions have included The Uninvited, The Mousetrap, and Over The River And Through The Woods. Sylvia, a wonderful comedy-drama about the effect of a new dog on the lives of a recently retired couple, is planned for October 2020. OTTG also sponsors a performance by the Seagle Music Colony singers in September.

Photo courtesy of Our Town Theatre Group

VGR: That’s an exciting season lineup! We are looking forward to catching the shows. Is there anything else we should know about Our Town Theatre Group?

DW: One group of OTTG members who call themselves The Penny Readers. They specialize in doing dramatic readings of short stories and poems. The Penny Readers perform free of charge and are available for readings and private parties.

Community arts are important in fostering a fulfilling and meaningful quality of life, and also in simply having fun. This is why OTTG is important to me and to all the members and supporters.

Photo courtesy of Our Town Theatre Group

VGR: It’s nice to see that the performing arts hold a place of importance in the Gore Region. How can one get involved?

DW: There are fourteen official members of OTTG and also many supporters. The only requirements for membership are to attend our general meetings which are held once per quarter and to otherwise participate in the group’s activities. The next general meeting is on Monday, April 6, at 7 pm at Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek and we welcome anyone who wishes to attend.

Photo courtesy of Our Town Theatre Group

Thank you so much to Dennis Wilson for providing insights into this long-running theatre group who recently celebrated 20 seasons. We are proud to have the talent and passion of their members right here in the Gore Region!

Anyone interested in OTTG’s activities can contact the following:

Dennis Wilson, President, 518-494-3198, or
John Gable, Vice-President For Administration, 518-955-2465, or