Trout Season in the Gore Region

It’s trout season in the Gore Region! Whether you’re looking for a beautiful secluded pond or you prefer to fish on the banks of the mighty Hudson River, we’ve got the perfect spot for you to catch some brook or rainbow trout while maintaining a safe social distance.

Some local favorites can be found at the edges of the Siamese Pond Wilderness. John Pond, Clear Pond, and Thirteenth Lake are all hot spots for the Adirondack strain of trout. These areas are secluded and idyllic so you and your family can pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it! The region is full of small streams and ponds that are all great places to cast your rod.

You can also park on one of many of the area’s scenic pull-offs and drop a line right into the Hudson River. Fishing is a go at your own pace recreation so it’s always perfect for any experience level.

When fishing in the Gore Region, or the Adirondacks as a whole, you’re likely to see four types of trout: Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, or Brown Trout. Brook and Lake trout are a native species to the region whereas Rainbow and Brown trout are stocked by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Abundant Rainbows and Browns are hearty and versatile. They thrive in lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds.

Brook Trout can be found in lakes and ponds, but they do they’re best cold water flowing off the mountains.

The more elusive Lake Trout will almost never be found in a stream, as they prefer the coldest and deepest parts of the lake.

Some gear you may need:

  • A light, fast-action spinning rod that is no more than 6.5 feet in length.
  • A size 1000 to 2500 spinning reel.
  • Fishing line that is 2-8 lbs. The thinner the line, the less visible it is to fish — but the more likely that it will snap. 6 lb. lines are suggested for beginners.
  • A natural-looking hook. Trout hooks will generally fall within the size #8 to #12. The larger the number the smaller the hook. If you plan to release your catch, use a barbless hook.
  • Lures or natural bait like worms.
  • A net so they don’t wriggle away at the last minute!
  • Sunglasses to reduce glare from the water.
  • Sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

For the more advanced among us, or if you just want to look the part, you may want to invest in waders, a vest, and a sturdy tackle box.

Don’t forget your fishing license. They are required! For current information on license requirements, fishing seasons and other fishing regulations visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website. Fishing licenses can be purchased online.

The Gore Region has some of the most under-fished waters in the eastern United States! Until COVID-19 passes, we do ask that only locals fish these waters. Once officials give the okay, everyone is welcome to come catch trout in the Gore Region!